How to play your DivX VOD activation file on your DivX Certified Device




  • your site is absolutely ridiculious and time wasting. it gives all types of how too info on activating your vod divx device, but absolutely NO page, link, or way to put in the registration code. it will not give THE PROPER PAGE FOR THE FINAL STEP. this is unprofessional at best, and deliberate hacker nonsense at worst. if I made an error and there is just a "glitch" in your system, please contact me via my phone number on my profile, and i will read the code over the phone. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.-

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    Ahmed Farag

    It give me a message say your device is not supported with divix and cant play the registered video

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    Imam Ahmad


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    We have created support cases for each of your questions. Please check your email for responses.

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    Beckham George

    I'm trying to connect my wired router to it ans keep connection so o can pnp slam a point💉 and flip fuck raunchy and perverted like

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