how to play divx material through car tereo


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    If you in-dash device is DivX Certified then it can playback DivX video files that have been encoded into our Home Theater profile (720 x 576 resolution). You can create these types of DivX files using our free DivX Converter for PC or Mac. You will need to download it from here:



    Once installer just open the DivX Converter and drag and drop a video file you want to encode into the user interface and then make sure to select the DivX Home Theater profile and then click 'Start'. Once the file is done being converted you will either copy it to a USB drive or burn to CD and then playback the file from USB/CD on your in dash device to enjoy high quality DivX files in your car.


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    Hey Edgar,

    Just adding a bit on Jeremy's reply.... what is your device brand and model? Please also take a look at this post here about in-dash car devices. Some devices will not playback DivX video files via USB... unless they are on a specific (and usually lower) resolution...

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