Auto Updates Generate Error Msg.


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    Marie Ortiz

    I keep getting routed to the same Software site with no link for an offline installer so I'm stuck in a cycle of getting nowhere

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    Alexandr Devol

    То же самое, бесконечное авто обновление прерываемое какой то ошибкой в соединении. Полная чепуха, соединение у меня постоянное и ничто кроме DivX ошибок в нем не видит. Разница лишь в том, что у меня стоит Win 7 64 bit.

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    Ciprian Buda

    Errors after errrors  ........... no update possible on windows 10

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    Donald Owen Doss

    The same error message and result is true when you have Divx Plus. There is a slight difference in the error message is all.


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    Dave Diazoni

    I can't update since windows 10. How do i fixed this

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    The software update error has occurred since early 2018.  Updates under XP and 7 environments have been futile and resulted in both types of error messages mentioned in this thread.  And yet DivX admin has done NOTHING.

    Even worse, there has been little to no discussion on this issue.  This thread would be the only one that I can find...

    However, a recent attempt to update the DivX on w7 was successful.  What is different from previous sessions (which failed) is that, nearing the end of the installation some kind of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package also gets installed.

    That said, software update under XP still fails and results in the "connection blocked" error.

    The other thing I'd like to mention is that, over the years DivX has NEVER released any offline update patches.  That makes software reinstallation a real PIA.  And in this case, the errors mentioned have simply rendered software update impossible.

    Can someone shed any light on this??

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    So I attempted to run the software update on another XP machine, a traditional desktop. And as expected, failure.

    First, this shows up:

    After choosing Run, this comes next:

    Repeated attempts have yielded the same result.
    I have NIS installed but the internet settings have not been changed ever.  Disabling the Smart Firewall or the AV Auto Protect would NOT help either.

    Very, very, very annoying!!  It's it's a connection problem then how come my w7 laptop could successfully update the software?

    Can someone please help??

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    Hugo Rohland

    I'm Hugo Rohland

    I'm having the same problems as all above. I have Win XP pro and never had problems re-installing  my DivX pro software but since 2017-18 EVERYTHING CHANGED ???



    I Paid for for my DivX pro but cannot use it.


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    Hugo Rohland

    Some more feedback. When using DivX 10 installers the following errors occurred;

    The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

    This under the ''DivXInstaller.exe. - Entry Point Not Found''  label

    NO DivX 10 installers can be used on my Win XP Pro since 2018

    QUESTION: Are there a stand alone Divx Loade that can load the software without being online as being online suddenly also create security problems.

    Please help

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    @Hugo Rohland

    I've experienced the VERY SAME thing.  Then I submitted a support ticket to the CS.  Was first asked to test a few things, eg. submitting logs.  Then finally they asked me to completely uninstall the existing one and use the standalone package they've provided to reinstall once again.

    Definitely NOT a smooth experience to me.  Turns out my existing DivX software has had the uninstaller component removed (not sure why?), resulting in the inability to uninstall (error message occurred).  Finally used another third-party uninstaller to remove the software package, as well as any additional files, folders and registries as instructed by the CS.  Then I used the standalone installer again and that was when the installation was successful.

    For XP you'll need the v10.7.3 legacy installer package (v10.7.3 is the final version for XP).  There's also the v10.7.3 Pro legacy installer package but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post these links here.  You may want to contact the CS for that...

    The difference between the installer packages is that one paid plugin component is missing, and that you CANNOT reinstall that component afterwards due to the symptoms you've described ("Entry Point Not Found'").  So if you have a Pro license then you'll need the Pro offline installer to ensure all components are installed properly.

    The other thing: if you uninstall any previous version and reinstall the v10.7.3 then you'll lose the Codec Pack which has been deleted since v10.2.4.  For playback/workflow compatibility with third-party players etc. you'll need to download and reinstall the Codec Pack again.

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    @Hugo Rohland

    > The procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

    This seems to be unique to XP as the "GetTickCount64" command cannot be interpreted under XP. The general consensus is that the software compiler needs to include certain parameters to be compatible with XP...

    See here

    Strangely though the 10.7.3 legacy offline installer goes through AFTER the existing version is completely uninstalled and removed. But that doesn't change the fact that any subsequent standalone plugin component installation will result in the very same error message (I've been there). So there's probably various issues here regarding the XP install/update problem which the CS may want to look into.

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    C S.

    I am very much regretting my purchase of DIVX Pro because of this darstardly issue. Please for God's sake FIX this & give us Updates that are stand alone activated with our purchase keys instead of the guarenteed to fail Online update process. Absolutely incompentence here. Unacceptable.

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    @C S.
    Just read my comments...
    The problem persisted under various OSes but currently the most affected is XP. W7 used to suffer from the same problem but in my case a recent online update to the software was successful.

    According to tech support different versions of the standalone installer are offered. If you're still onto XP then the legacy Pro installer is needed. Just submit a support ticket to have CS send you the direct DL links. Beyond that there's no other way.

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