Malware in DivX software


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    Petitmangin Vincent

    I confirm this problem when i have downloaded by rubber the dmg file thèse days .

    on same time , with Divx update i have doowloaded the last version of divx pro ( v.10.8.7 ) and my Norton anti viruses has detected regclean pro as dangerous . Certains files systeme of my PC Windows are deleted . Then , it was impossible for the divx pro walking with divx player

    the team support has give me a good version without malwares or viruses ( v 10.7.3 ) for my XP

    thanks again for Marcio of team support

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    Ray Stone

    How do the rest of us get a malware-free update?  So far every one of the downloadable updates trigger my malware programs. This does not look good for DivX.

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    Henrietta Hudson

    Received update for DivX new version--10.8.7.

    I am immediately advised by my protection systems that "Trojan.Win32.Chapak.dgtm detected" in this new version.

    One month ago, Ray Stone requested "a malware-free update".  Where is your response?  Is there a DivX Pro new version 10.8.7 that does not contain components that are dangerous to our computers?  

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