DivX Pro Playback issue with MacOS


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    Hello all,

    There seems to be an issue with the recent update / release of MacOS; something changed with their audio decoder to a built-in AC3 that may be causing the constant buffering issue with the DivX Player.

    The current workaround we found is to do a 'Spotlight Search' (Command ⌘ + Space bar) for 'midi' to open up audio device settings, then click on speaker configuration and then change your default setting from stereo to 2.0 surround and click apply. Let me know if this helps at all?

    Please see these screenshots:

    Reverting back to the original settings still "fixed" the issue afterwards too. We are still investigating the issue further.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Herbert,

    Did you perform a fresh / new install of the DivX Pro on this new Mac? Did you use the same download link from your order confirmation email? And is this playback issue with all your files?


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    Dave Scharen

    I am having the same issue as Herbert. I did not migrate to a new Mac Book Pro though, I  set it up as a new computer and bought a new Divx pro serial number. Now the player won't play most of my mkv files.

    The problem seems to be related to ac3 sound. Files with dts are not affected. Those with ac3 will be played as soon as I disable audio. VLC plays all these files without any issues.

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    Steve Fursland

    same as Dave.

    new MacBook Pro, macOS High Sierra, won't play any of my existing mkv files. even newly converted files won't play. All play with VLC.

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    Herbert Leung

    Hi all, 

    I'm running Mojave on my Macbook Pro and this is clearly a compatibility issue. My DivX stops responding to any files including MP4 and MKV files.  The player just quits by itself and I was prompted with a message saying "DviX Player is not optimized for my Mac and needs to be updated."  Will there be a new version of DivX 10 Pro release anytime soon?


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    Dave Scharen

    For me, the workaround suggested by Marcio solved the issue. I can now play all files on my new Mac (Mojave) I used to be able to play on my old Mac (El Capitan), thank you! However, I randomly get the same warning Herbert posted above - as of today without any consequences regarding the player's functionality though.

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