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    Jovan Jecinac

    Have you found a solution yet?

    I have similar problems with both the converter as the divx player, both of them just crash or wont even start sometimes.

    Funny thing is that same video plays well in other players such as, VLC, windows media player, Pot player and so on.

    I thought i would buy this DivX pro because i really like the way it looks but it doesnt work and didnt work on my earlier pc.

    I am running Windows 10 64 bit and i have tryed installing codec packs and also reinstalling the DivX package surely 10 times one day.

    The DivX isnt working and i dont think it will ever. Feels like theres nobody trying to help us to get it to work.

    Dont know what more i can do except for uninstalling.

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    Christine Marie

    Hi Jovan, unfortunately, no I have had no response via the DivX team. Not even an acknowledgment that they’ve received this message. I feel the same way about the lack of support. It feels like a scam when a company sells but doesn’t support their product. Especially when one can get a free player to work perfectly.

    Sorry that I can’t help you out.
    Try to have a good day! 😇

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    matt camilleri

    Hey I need help it's saying not reg properly

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