DivX Player add support for VP9 video codec and OPUS audio codec.



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    Thanks for submitting this feature request! P.S.: I've done a quick edit on the subject...

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    Thank you for your editing!

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    Clive Ngumbu



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    Jen Frankel

    Yes please! I'm finding more and more videos using OPUS and bought DivX Pro without realizing there's no support for it!

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    Bikramjit Saha Ray

    Yes please provide codec for Google/Opus VP9 / VP8 format that encodes videos in MKV container. Need to convert such Videos to DivX.

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    Julian Hadlow

    Just purchased the Pro version, but no support for MKV sound? VLC Media Player which opens it just fine, tells me the audio is encoded with the Opus codec.

    Odd that DivX Player will not open it, considering its a popular format used by YouTube and more.

    Anyone know how to add codec support on Windows 7 for this?

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