Requesting a 64 bit version of the DivX Software - for both Mac and Windows!



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    English :

    At a time when all the OS have a 64 bit version yes, it would be useful if DivX software had a declination in 64 bits

    French :

    À l’heure où tous les OS ont une version 64 bits oui, il serait utile que les logiciels DivX aient une déclinaison en 64 bits


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    Mark Goldsworthy

    I have read that he next version of Mac OS (Mojave) does not support 32 bit apps!!!!

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    Mark Goldsworthy

    I already get a warning from High Sierra that the latest DIVX player/converter are not compatible... player is freezing when changing the preferences....

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    Simona Stanzani

    we can't run your app on OS 10.14, please release a 64 bit version for mac

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    Please release a 64 bit app for Mac. currently it is giving warning but don't know when it will stop working. 

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    Gregory Jennings

    A 64bit version would be best and greatly appreciated.

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    Michael Beason

    I'm sure it is old news that Mac OS 10.14 is warning that support for 32-bit applications will be limited and may stop with any new update. I don't see any definitive commitment to support on this website. Perhaps if you don't plan to support 64-bit you should simply state that or if you have a date by which you will support it you would state that and prevent any further questions.

    The most popular cartoon character from the Times is a homeless reprobate with a sign that says, "THE END IS NEAR" - no one of course pays any attention.

    If the poll on your website was any indication, there is virtually no interest in a 64-bit version of DIVX, however, I believe that your survey and support website are most likely a step too far for most users of your product. Unfortunately that means the message from users who see these messages pop up on their screen almost daily wouldn't lead them to your support website survey.

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    Steve Hardy

    Given the lack of support or communication from DIVX, I thinking of just asking for my money back!

    No timeline, No offical announcement & the bugs and problems just keep mounting up!



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